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The Age in which we live is marked by great changes that come with social advancements and their complexities, bringing to us diversity in personal value, human activities and living environments, As the times change, so do the types of disasters that can affect us all, making it all the more necessary that new aspects to fire protection systems be explored. This means new technologies for forecasting disasters and coming up with counter-measures to deal with them. 


Over the past 37 years, U.S. MARKETING CO., LTD. pledges itself to make a strenuous effort to provide our customers with the top quality Fire & Security Equipments based upon our genuine sincerity, honesty, reliability as well as high ethical standard.


Since our inception in 1979, U.S. MARKETING CO., LTD. has actively engaged in the research and development as well as selection of the wide range of electrical devices including Fire & Security equipment in the Thai market and AEC . We’ve been thriving to offer to our customers the Fire & Security Protection Products from the U.S.A. with the most reliable characteristic and the best performance. Besides, our after-sales including repair and maintenance services have never failed to reflect our dedicated effort and commitment towards the complete satisfaction of our customers.


The company’s philosophy is to ensure that the combination of technologically advanced Fire & Security Protection Equipment as well as a well-trained and experienced work force in this field shall result in our ability to provide the customers with a wide product choice to meet your specific requirement for functionality, quality and accuracy.


U.S. MARKETING CO.,LTD. has in-depth experience in the field of Fire Protection to prove our excellent reliability. A wide range of our products (as listed hereunder) are widely used in government offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, department stores, factories, chemical plants as well as tunnels, computer rooms, aircrafts and residences.


This diverse experience is the evidence of our customers confidence in us. Our professional staff is always ready to help anyone feel a real sense of security.


As an Authorized Distributor of numerous world class Fire & Security Protection Products, We are proud to introduce the high grade products acclaimed for its widely accepted global standard and accreditation from various prestigious institution as follows : -


Fire-Lite By Honeywell, U.S.A. U.L. / FM Certification
Notifier By Honeywell, U.S.A U.L. / FM Certification
System Sensor By Honeywell, U.S.A. U.L. / FM Certification
Silent Knight By Honeywell, U.S.A. U.L. / FM Certification


In addition to the perfection of our products, U.S. MARKETING CO., LTD. in close collaboration with our U.S. Smoke detector manufacturer have made another progressive move to establish the first ever Cleaning Service Center in Thailand with its official opening in 2003. The service warranty card shall be issued to all equipments participating in our cleaning program. We will also provide the service contract for the check up and maintenance of our Fire Protection Equipment on a year to year basis after the expiration of its original warranty period.


With our diverse experience and strong commitment in dealing with the Fire Protection industry, U.S. MARKETING CO., LTD. will continue moving ahead to provide the best service to ensure that people’s security will be guaranteed at all times.


    U.S. Marketing Co., Ltd.
    September 18, 1979

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